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About CNES

CNES (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales) is the French government agency responsible for shaping the nation’s space policy for Europe.

Jason 2 İThales Alenia Space/OBRENOVITCH Yoann, 2007

Jason 2 İThales Alenia Space/OBRENOVITCH Yoann, 2007

This policy aims to sustain France’s leading role in Europe and its capability to conceive space systems.

In this respect, CNES brings a broad, end-to-end vision of space systems that makes it a precursor and innovator complementing and serving industry, science laboratories and citizens.

CNES’s task is to implement and coordinate space policy as decided by government, through its own teams and with national and international partners in science and industry.

CNES’s status as a government agency gives it the necessary flexibility to adopt best practices from industry. It is publicly funded and overseen by parliament, reporting regularly to its Board of Directors and to government accounting offices. CNES’s budget in 2007 was €1,740 million, €1,382 million from state subsidies. Its accounts are certified by official auditors.