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Nom de la première vidéo : Welcome to CNES
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A brief introduction to the French space agency.

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30 November 2014 (postponed to earlier 1st December)

Mascot launch on Hayabusa 2 satellite

4 December 2014 (postponed to 6 December)

Ariane 5 launch live from French Guiana

18 December 2014

Soyuz from French Guiana




Jean-Yves Le Gall: “In 2015, CNES will be making climate central to its space policy”

January 05, 2015

Monday 5 January, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall delivered his New Year wishes to members of the French and international press in the Salle de l’Espace at Paris Les Halles. This traditional gathering provided the opportunity to review a year of historic successes for CNES and to present the agency’s strategy and challenges for 2015.


CNES and Google's Project Loon collaborate to connect the world to the Internet

December 11, 2014

A fleet of balloons providing an Internet connection to rural, remote and underserved areas: that is the goal of Google’s ambitious Project Loon. CNES is supporting this project with balloon engineering expertise for which it has acquired international acclaim over the last 50 years. CNES and Google are delighted to be working together to give new momentum to research efforts in this area.


Ariane 6 : Europe all set to build the dream

December 02, 2014

Tuesday 2 December, the Ministerial Council meeting of the European Space Agency (ESA) in Luxembourg gave spacefaring Europe the means to meet the major challenges that lie ahead. For Ariane 6, the common vision crafted by CNES, ESA and space industry partners received the backing of Europe’s ministers, who gave the programme the green light for a first launch in 2020.


Philae makes historic landing on comet 67P

November 13, 2014

Philae, the Rosetta mission’s lander, touched down on the nucleus of comet 67P on Wednesday 12 November at 15:34:54 UTC, 16:34:54 CET. The radio signal confirming this unprecedented feat was received on Earth a little later at 16:03 UTC, 17:03 CET.