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MSL at a glance

A few characteristics of the MSL

MSL key figures
Mass at launch 3400 kg, including 900 kg for the rover
Mass of scientific payload 90 kg
Dimensions of rover Length: 2.9 m
Width: 2.7 m
Height: 2.2 m
Range 20 km
Mission duration 1 Mars year (687 Earth days)

MSL instruments

Camera - Mahli : for characterising the composition and microstructure of rocks, soil, frost and ice
- MastCam: for studying the absorption of light by the Mars ground
- Mardi: for mapping the local environment around the rover
Spectromètre - APXS: for measuring the abundance of heavy chemical elements in rocks and soil
- ChemCam: for remote analysis of the nature, composition and erosion of rocks
- CheMin: for detecting the presence of minerals formed in the presence of water
- Sam: for detecting organic compounds and studying their chemistry
Détecteur de radiations  - Rad: for characterising several types of radiation for the purpose of human exploration
- Dan: for detecting neutrons related to water hydrogen under the surface
Station de surveillance météorologique Rems : for measuring atmospheric pressure, humidity, ultraviolet radiation, wind speed, soil and air temperature