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CNES’s cultural policy

The French space agency's prime responsibility is to develop and pursue its assigned missions.

As a public institution, it is also bound to transparency and to communicating knowledge. Since its inception, CNES has been committed to outreach programmes aimed at all sections of the community.

Over the years, its initiatives for young people have often been cited as examples. However, the general public is also a high priority. With its website (one of the first in France), static and mobile exhibitions in Paris and the regions, participation in national events (science week, heritage days, etc.), sustained audiovisual production and regular and special publications, CNES makes every effort to disseminate information about its programmes as widely as possible and to make the public aware of the contribution space activities make to our daily lives.

Above and beyond news about the agency itself, CNES is equally committed to promoting space culture as part of our collective intellectual heritage and to supporting the teaching of space technologies. These missions have been assigned to the agency's Space Observatory and Space Culture department.

In all its outreach endeavours, CNES relies on the natural link provided by journalists (specialist and non-specialist alike) and on constructive partnerships with museums, associations, local, regional and national authorities, publishers and television channels.